About Us

We are Pollyanna and Eeyore. Clever, huh? You noticed that connection with the title, didn't you? That's because you, dear Reader, are also quite clever. Because we have a high opinion of your intellect, we're going to let you figure out who's who.

The nub of the matter is our faith. When we boil it all down, what we're left with is this messy, gloopy stuff of our souls. That's what we propose to explore.

Meet the Authors

Chuck McCullough is a pastor at White Rock Baptist Church. He spends his time listening, talking, healing, reading, and carrying burdens. When he's not doing this, you will find him in the mountains, risking life and limb.

Katrina Koehler is studying to get her PhD in nuclear astrophysics at Western Michigan University. She delights in reading, writing, hiking, dancing, acting, directing, and pretty much everything right-brained! You might consider it compensation for the high left-brain activity that happens in her chosen field of study.

Please note that the content of a post written by one author may or may not reflect the beliefs of the other author!

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